Wrekor Tseagle

Welcome to Wrekor Tseagle!

Each piece of wood selected to become part of a Wrekor Tseagle instrument is chosen for its voice. Every tree has its own personality, shaped by the environment in which it grows. The climate and forest density help determine the thickness and rigidity of its rings and give each tree a unique tone. There are stereotypical tones, based on species, but they all have their own character. Creating an instrument from wood gives voice to those trees. A lot of attention is given to the hardware; strings, pickups, bridges, etc. While those are important pieces and necessary to bring out the tone, it all starts with the voice in the wood. The greatest part of my job is freeing up that voice and hearing it come to life. There is nothing quite like stringing a guitar for the first time and hearing it sing.

You have a unique personality formed from the world around you and it characterizes the music you create. So does the wood in the instrument you choose. Blend your tone with a Wrekor Tseagle and bring your sound to life!


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